Safara has developed a strong practice in sustainability planning and sustainability program implementation for a variety of clients, specializing in a comprehensive approach that includes transparent priority setting, careful monitoring and evaluation, and ambitious program planning.

We bring a unique systems approach to our work, forging links between corporate standards, policies and practices, technology retrofits, and the all-important human behaviour that can accelerate or subvert the improvements produced by system and technology changes. We are also in a unique position to export the many innovations in resource conservation and institutional sustainability developed by the University of Toronto Sustainability Office, including the award-winning Rewire resource conservation program for residences and offices.

We are committed to developing effective local, national, and international sustainability solutions for organizations and governments. We believe that building and maintaining a prosperous sustainable world for future generations will require the combination of many diverse approaches, using our human networks, enthusiasm and creativity, applying technological and systems understanding, and building mutual benefits for the environment, the economy and for human society.

Safara brings to all our projects:

  • a holistic view, integrating: behavioural, technical and systemic aspects of sustainability
  • experience in developing sustainability interventions which enhance the environment, improve the bottom line and optimize the quality of life at work and at home
  • profound understanding of climate change and social science as well as the local, national and international policy context for it
  • practical experience in applied climate change science, sustainability planning, energy management and public policy as well as community engagement with all ages and in a variety of sectors
  • a strong background in designing, implementing and evaluating comprehensive sustainability management programs in diverse organizations
  • academic credibility, knowledge and strong local, regional, national and international networks
  • decades of experience in engagement, training and education in formal and informal settings to successfully build capacity locally, nationally and internationally