Remind, Engage, System, Plan, Evaluate, Conduct, Track

Respect is Safara’s framework embodying the knowledge, methodology and tools to provide holistic sustainability solutions.


Consider your organization within your network of relationships with other actors and the resources you depend on to carry out your business – what is your vision for sustainability? how can you benefit from tackling sustainability challenges with a comprehensive strategy?


This is the process of active engagement of your community members (employees, clients, suppliers, neighbours) to facilitate organizational and behaviour change


Together we use diagnostic metrics to gain detailed understanding of the current status of your system and to locate your priority areas for interventions

Sustainability Planning

As a team we identify priorities for action, based on current baseline metrics and present you with a wide range of options for intervention, basing choices on ROI and other key performance indicators - both global ones and KPIs designed specifically for your organization


This step provides the opportunity for us to perform an evaluation of behavioural baselines as well as establishing resource consumption baselines following detailed analysis of behavioural and resource consumption data sets


We design and facilitate sustainability interventions to maximize environmental, social and financial benefits.


We facilitate use of reporting tools that integrate sustainability into your current reporting process and work with you to stay on track